this is meant to be a collection of all the "galleries" that were created over the last few years, containing mostly pictures of the places i've been working at. it's audience are supposed to be family and friends but if you - passing by - want to have a look at these collections, feel free to do so.

this is my oldest still existing website, divided into three huge galleries: summer 2oo1, easter 2oo2, summer 2oo2. additionally, it offers a couple of useful links for those interested in norway.
at this place my passion for norway has it's roots.

here you find some small galleries, better sorted than at my oldest homepage.
gjendesheim is the so far best place i found to work at. tour opportunities are inexhaustible! favourite trip: "russdalen"

filefjell 1
i proudly present my - technically spoken - ugliest picture collection.

filefjell 2

filefjell 3

filefjell 4
including my first moose...8)

filefjell sunset @ less than -20°c with a good view
february 2oo4
taken from "börrenosi" ... with a great view into jotunheimen, including tyin and uranostind
my freezing-ability must have been blocked by this amazing view ...

volvo driving academy, hemsedal
february 2oo4
i drove all these new volvo cars with a number of hourse power that i may have some trouble to count ... including the amazing volvo v70r, a station wagon with 3oo hp.

lofthus, hardangervidda
may 27th, 2oo4
that's the path that starts right behind "my" house.

april 15th - may 5th
a not sorted documentation of my first few days in hardanger

© 2oo4 oliver klose