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summer 2oo2

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having a walk is the very easiest thing to do. starting from the høyfjellshotell you have fantastic opportunities doing a trip to the jotunheimen national park -to »utsikten« from where you can have a terrific view on the valley - and everywhere else you want to go.

the paths are usually easy to follow and the choice is good. sometimes the paths might be muddy but you can always avoid to get wet feet... all the pictures you can see in the galleries are the result of one-day-trips - i've never been sleeping outside the hotel. it's magnificient how many different panoramas you can see in eidsbugarden. my first summer was seven weeks long - and it was by far not enough to discover eidsbugarden!

biking is a very funny and fast thing in the jotunheimen mountains. talking about my very own experiences again i took a bergamont, completely made of steel lacking shocks, with me for the first time. it was great to do extremely fast trips down the mountains to tyinkrysset, 23km away. it was not a bit of a problem to reach 75 kph.

but if you want to avoid having pain - - it's advisable to use a mountain bike with shocks. i got the giant atx 840 as a present the first time i went to eidsbugarden. using it during summer 2oo2 i was amazed! there are a lot of nice trips to do with a fitting bike and you get a very good overview on the place if you spend some hours on it.

the mb bitihorn, 90 years old in 2oo2, leaves eidsbugarden at 8 am to be back at 12 am and about 4 pm. northern europe's highest boat route connects the places eidsbugarden, torfinnsbu and bygdin. the trip is absolutely worth it!

as well as eidsbugarden, the other places on the lake bygdin offer great opportunities for those who want to enjoy the nature. you can have terrific trips in the mountains and have a look at jotunheimen from another angle. but even the boat trip itself is very nice, offering a great view.

the eidsbugarden høyfjellshotell is also opened during the easter weeks. you might not believe it but it then fills the word »winterwonderland« with a soul. a lot of snow, many nice people and well done cross country skiing routes ensure a nice holiday.
even if the weather might not fit your wishes - or you are just tired because of your activities - there's no need to be sad. having a seat at the window or at the fire place, enjoying a good book or even watching television - do whatever you want.