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summer 2oo2

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why a german is taking loads of pictures in norway... exists since septembre 2oo1. in the beginning i only wanted to make it possible showing the photos i took to friends who are living abroad and are therefore not able to hold them in their hands. obviously, this site went to be a hobby of mine - and that happened because i installed a nedstat-counter.

this counter told me exactly how many people, from different countries using any kind of computers had a look at my photo collection. i was amazed by the number of people and their origin. so after a while it was not just the picture gallery, but some more links to where people with an interest in it were able to inform themselves, a contact form and a link gallery since easter 2oo2.

you might have noticed that i have a focus on speed. using a free server and a free domain slows down the whole website and i don't think i need animated buttons, flash movies and sounds - my concern is to share the pictures. enjoy it!

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